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The Mystery behind the Cachito

History of Venezuelan Cachitos

By now you are probably familiarised with the fact that the Cachito is a MUST in the Venezuelan culture so is reasonable to think that it was created by Venezuelans. Well, its not quite like that hehe. So around mid of XX Century Venezuela saw a massive well-diversified emigration of Europeans into its land. Now the protagonists of this story are the Portuguese people. Vast majority of bakeries in Venezuela are own by Portuguese and boy, these guys are also skillful bakers without a doubt. We owe the Cachitos to them, is not a Venezuelan creation but rather a Portuguese master piece created in Venezuela. Who, How, When, Why, Where... Unfortunately we don't know who was the genius that created this now-a-days staple of Venezuela's adopted culture. Some say it was due to bakeries wanting to make profits from left overs of our traditional Pan de Jamón we do at Christmas (you will see it soon in our menu, and its awesome hehe... don't expect anything but bias comments from us), some others say it was the alternative to the croissant since, back in the days, it was apparently difficult to get it right in a tropical weather. Whatever the reason was, what is for sure is that Cachitos transformed our breakfasts, lunches and afternoon snacks costumes forever and for good.