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What is a Cachito?

Imagine you are biting a through a golden/tasty soft though holding light sweet notes, and as going through you reach a savoury filling that contrast in harmony, as you recognise your favourite ingredients are taking over your pallet. From here 2 things can happen, if you are a Venezuelan, your eyes' pupils will expand and you will travel back in time to your favourite bakery at home, happiness all around you. if you are not Venezuelan, you will experience a couple of minutes in our history in that single bite, and with it hopefully, the same joy we felt when we were introduced for the very first time to a Cachito. The Cachito is a typical Venezuelan pastry traditionally filled with Ham and Bacon, although many variants came up later on in time as bakers started experimenting with different ingredients but always preserving common grounds, soft semi-sweet dough and savoury fillings to contrast. This has been a Venezuelan key item alongside the arepa, present at either breakfasts, lunches and/or afternoon snacks. Super popular to be accompanied by malt or coffee. At Venecachitos we are very proud of been able to say our cachitos are made with 100% premium quality products. No preservative of any sort (although they have never had these kind of things, is worth stating that to those who are getting to know the Cachito)