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Thank you Veronique!

One of the best perks of entrepreneurship is definitely having the chance to meet excellent people. Cachitos' Team is absolute grateful for all of your support and even more for the time you all have gifted us writing what you think about our products and our services (yes, services... because we don't aim to just sell Cachitos, we aim to bring a piece of our best Venezuelan experience to you). Past week we received a feedback, but in an unusual format to us. Written by Veronique. To our surprise she wrote about Cachitos in the ever-growing popular Top City Bites web site referencing "The best food in London". WOW... seriously WOW

Click here to read Veronique's full article.

Veronique, we are massively thankful for your great support. Honestly. And in the same way as we have told all our clientele, today we publicly say to you, Welcome to Venecachitos' family.

Lastly, to UK's Family. Your feedback is invaluable to us as it represents your thoughts and time. And for that we take our hats off, listen and get no less than great inspiration to do it better.

We love you all. You have a Cachito factory 100% at your disposition. More than happy to serve you guys.